The concept of AIRA is developed by professionals from Singapore with great experience and knowledge in shaping up space by creating themes and functions with greater thoughts for true needs. The design of AIRA is not about what has been already done, it’s about evolvement. The interiors of AIRA redefine what contemporary and exquisitely designed living spaces should be.
The highlights of the Design of AIRA are:

  • Convenient closed kitchens.
  • Separate laundry areas.
  • Accessibility to air-conditioning outdoor units for servicing without any hassle.
  • Fixing toilet blockages without disrupting the neighbors.
  • Fire retardant main doors.
  • Insulated party walls.
  • Privacy at the entrance including the foot rack area.
  • Best fit for fixed and loose furniture within the apartment.
  • Sufficient universal points on both sides of the bed.AIRA is designed by incorporating leading architectural and constructional innovations and it’s all about giving a personalized commitment to you